Common Questions & Answers

Proper client etiquette...

I am human just like you. Please remember that. Upon entering, please greet me with a smile, hug, or a handshake. When leaving, be sure to say "goodbye". During your appointment, only touch if given permission. DO NOT: yell, use derogatory or offensive language towards me, become overly aggressive, or arrive intoxicated- you will be immediately removed should any of these occur. Note: I provide an upscale, discreet, and relaxing environment for my clients. You are not picking up someone on the corner, back alley, or in a cheap motel room. If you are looking for a "cheap date", someone to quickly "get you off", someone who will talk dirty over the phone/text with you...leave my website now and do not contact me. I cater to the mature and respectful gentleman only. All others will be ignored, blocked, will not pass my screening and will be turned away. Please don't get yourself embarrassed. 

Are oils used?  

Yes, coconut oil and almond oil are used. A specially designed organic nuru gel is used for Onyx Nuru massages.  


How long is a session?  

The average booking lasts one hour however, sessions can be booked for longer or shorter periods if desired.  

Are massage sessions draped/clothed?

For Onyx Swedish massages, draping is optional. For Onyx Nuru massages, clients can choose to be nude or wear bottoms (men), or top/bottoms (women) the choice is yours.

​  Do you work on women?  

Of course! Women, men and couples are allowed to enjoy the experience. 


 Does any of your massages include sexual intercourse? 


Where are you located?  

I work with Onyx Swedish clients out of my relaxation studio in Janesville. I also travel to different cities to provide services as well. Due to the space and hot tub/shower used for NURU and Soak sessions, Onyx NURU sessions are located in-call at selected 3 star and up hotels.   

What do I bring to a massage session?

Please arrive to your appointments clean and bathed. I will decline service is you arrive unsanitary to touch or smell. For NURU sessions, a shower is taken before and afterwards. If you need toiletries other than soap (deodorant, lotion, hair gel) please bring with you. 

Are additional services available? 

I work in two areas: Swedish and Nuru. I am also available on an hourly basis if you would simply like to spend time with me with/without a massage. 


What do you look like? 

I have photos on the "About" section of the website. Please do not ask for additional pictures. If you send pictures I did not ask for, you will not receive a response and will be blocked.  ​  

How much are your sessions? 

Please see Pricing Page for costs.


Do you accept other payment forms?

I accept cash and Paypal payments online. Company name WILL NOT show on your receipt to ensure privacy. I do not accept Paypal e-check payments. Please ensure that your payment does not go through as an e-check or it will be declined.

What IT IS NOT... 

 It is NOT sex. 

 It is NOT massage therapy.  

 It is NOT performed clothed/draped.  


What it IS...  

It is sensual  

It is healing  

It is a door to happiness.  

It is performed on a massage table or specially designed Nuru mattress ring.  It is my hobby and passion. 

 It is a gateway drug to body freedom, art, expression, and another level of consciousness- your authentic self.