Hello, I'm Havana

I have a B.A. in Arts Management and M.S. in Education. I enjoy helping and teaching others in whatever areas they need to learn. I also hold several other certifications and licenses. 

During my free time I enjoy traveling, the outdoors, relaxing indoors, or by the pool, and building websites. I love palm trees, weeping willows, and being in the mountains. Though I'm currently in Wisconsin, I also called the west coast home for several years. 

My World of Massage

I have completed over 700 hours of massage training at an accredited massage school in Wisconsin, via massages at my relaxation studio, and at several festivals and events throughout the state. I am not a licensed massage therapist in the state of Wisconsin. Onyx Nuru, Ayurvedic and Reiki are healing and relaxation practices for me, which I have enjoyed since starting this spiritual & sensual journey in 2014. I hope you will find it to be the same.   

From the Looks of Her...

If you like curvy women, you've come to the right place! Standing 5'4", 165 lbs, measurements: 43-30-47 inches, dread locs with a few curls, freckles, and deep brown eyes...Ebony (with a dash of Mexicano), I am Havana. The owner of Onyx Nuru.